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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Insulation installed, stone and drywall has arrived!!

On July the 27th, we had our pre-drywall meeting and the PM took us from room to room where we were able to voice any concerns we may have had. My husband and I both had some questions for him regarding some things we were not quite sure about. We had done a walk through prior to the insulation being intalled and saw that we had a six by six inch square cut out of the ceiling plywood in the breakfast room and we could see the shingles were the only thing covering this space. I asked the PM about it and he assured me that he would have the framer to pull up the shingles and have it covered.  I felt this would create a problem if the shingles were ever to be damaged or blown off during a storm. Im afraid we would have found out about it a little too late when the breakfast room ceiling was dripping water.  He assured me that he felt it would not cause any problems but that he would take care of it anyway because he knew it would make me feel better.?? He told me he would be more concerned if someone were on the roof that they might step on that spot and have a foot come through it.  Either way, I want it covered with plywood and sealed. We also noticed that the steel beam in the garage was completely exposed along with another small open space in the corner of the garage and we could see down into the basement in both places. We also took a picture of the sliding glass door because the door would not open all the way because the track was not laying flush.  He did advise that the beam showing and the hole in the corner of the garage were normal and that they would be what he called punched out, filled and taken care of.  He told us that the track in the door would need to be put back in place and that if there were any problems with the door opening after that, he would have another door ordered to replace it.  Our PM has been wonderful and answered all of our questions putting our minds at ease. This is one great thing about building a home through Ryan Homes. I had a home built years ago through an individual contractor and not once did he ask if I could come through the home to look through prior to insulation or drywall being installed. Below are some of the pic's I took of issues that I was worried about, and
also some pics after the insulation guys got done.

Hole in breakfast ceiling

Beam in the garage

sliding glass door with track not laying flush

Hole in corner of the garage

Kitchen and breakfast room with insulation and drywall

Family room

Stone delivered

Our PM told us that our siding was suppose to arrive on the 27th and that they should start siding that day or the next.  We were excited and drove back to the house on the 28th hoping to see our siding but it had not yet been delievered, so hopefully on Monday.... We walked through the house again and saw that insulation had been installed and that the drywall had been dropped off.  We are excited and can't wait to see the progress made this week!! :)


  1. You guys did great with catching the eye sores!! I am convinced we need an inspector at the main three building stages.

    I am very anal with the details; however, not sure on things like the "six by six inch square cut out of the ceiling plywood in the breakfast room and we could see the shingles were the only thing covering this space" Clueless. lol Thanks for sharing! I am a professional construction manager in training. lol

  2. Thanks! We love our PM and I'm sure he knows what he is doing but I was sure that the hole didn't belong there so I told him that patching it up was what it would take to make me feel better. He's a great guy and I didn't want to step on his toes but we are dropping a big chunk of money on this home so we won't settle for anything that makes us uncomfortable. :)