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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yeah, Siding!!

Finally starting to look more like a home. They started siding the house yesterday July 30th and finished today.  Our PM told us that they drywall was going to be started today as well but the drywall is still laying on the floor in the same place where it had been dropped off last week.  Hopefully we will see the drywall go up by the weeks end.  Now we can't wait to see the outside with our black shutters, stone and our wine colored door. 


  1. i like the color of your siding. i wish i could remember what we picked :(

  2. Hi Randy and Teresa! Your house is beautiful! I love the warm siding color!

    I appreciate you following my blog; however, it's the first blog I set up and I ended up with two blogs of which one I do not use at all.

    Please follow us at and click join this site and I will be able to follow your journey too!

  3. Thank you! I clicked on to join your site and found that we are already following the site. I left a comment about your dog wearing slippers. Lol I look forward to following your progress!! :-)

  4. Thank you! I can see you on my active blog! Yay! Is your siding Stone Mountain clay? The stone with black shutters will be so pretty!! I look forward to seeing it installed. They usually paint the front door much later. The wine door is going to make it pop! Very pretty! Hopefully they have completed the drywall by now! Keep us posted! :-)

  5. Thanks, I can't wait to be done with this whole process, we are so excited but also equally stressed. The siding is Stone Mountain Clay. As you will see the stone and drywall are both installed. I just updated the pic's. By the way I showed my husband the dog wearing boots and he loved that and thought the dog was just too adorable!!

  6. What was the exact color that you guys chose for the sidings? It looks so amusing! It may have smaller windows than the usual, but the bigger sidings makes up for the varying aesthetics.

    Leif Clancy

    1. Indeed, you wouldn't need more designs for the house if it had sidings. Sidings alone can make it look captivating. In fact, I would prefer a house with sidings than a house with a lot more elements.

      Sandra Ludwig