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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting a little bit closer!!

August 18th, we stop by the house to see what progress, if any had been made.  Upon arriving there we saw that our black shutters had been installed along with our outdoor lighting.  The electrician was there installing our indoor lighting.  We noticed that Guardian had been there to install the security system as well.  All of our trim and doors were painted and it looked like the walls got another coat of paint.  Most of the plumbing work was completed but not all of it.  The banisters had been stained but I was not really happy with the look of it.  The bottom post going upstairs looked much darker then the rest of the banister so we are going to talk to the PM about this.  They need to match it up better then that.. I must admit there were some things that were not pleasing to us and I may post some pictures of these problem area's later but we would like to talk with the PM first.  Our PM has been absolutely great but he has been away for a couple of weeks and someone else is filling in for him.  One of the big problems we had was that last week when we were there we saw that our door to our walk in closet had been hung with the rest of the doors but we noticed that the area cut out for the door was about a half inch higher then the door jam causing a gap just above the door that was visible from inside the closet as well as the bedroom leading into the closet.  We took a picture of it.  While we were there today we noticed that the walls had another coat of paint and walked down to the basement where we noticed that nobody had repaired the big square holes that had been cut out of our ceiling so that someone could run the gas lines that had not been installed prior to drywall. This was ok because we know that it will be taken care of before closing, however upon going upstairs to the master bedroom we looked over at the closet door and it looked as if the huge gap above the door had been re-drywalled taped over, mudded, sanded and painted.  I thought to myself, "why would they fix this and not fill in the huge holes in the basement ceiling".  This prompted me to reach up and touch just above the door and upon pushing on the area that looked like it had been fixed, my finger went right through it.  My husband and I started to get a closer look and was able to see that the area had been taped and sanded then painted over.  The PM would never have even known about it since all the doors arrived and were hung after he left to go out of town.  Mad was not the word for how we were feeling!  We truly believe that this was someones way of trying to fix a mistake the easy way! I can't wait to talk with our PM about it when he gets back on Monday.  On the brighter side of things, we also got our driveway and sidewalk poured as well and the outside of our home looks absolutely wonderful to us!!!   

Is it just me or does the banister look like it is stained a little darker in some areas?
Also they do not have our glass panel door up that leads down to the basement next to our stairs, It was sitting in the garage and the SR says that it will be installed prior to closing.
Love the drive way.  They had just finished when I arrived

two panel door leading out to the garage
the rest of the doors are all six panel

bath floor tile installed but no grout yet, sorry picture is sideways couldn't get it to rotate once I downloaded it to the blog site

sink with upgraded faucet

Guadian security panel

Guardian also installed our pre-wire for flat panel tv

furnace and hot water heater

central air unit installed

light fixture in entry way by the front door, looks like the hole cut out was too big for the fixture, something else that has to be taken care of

We got our mailbox, lighting, shutters and our poured driveway. We love, love, love the way the outside of our home looks! Can't wait to see it after all the trim on the house is painted along with the sod and landscaping being finished.


  1. I love your paint color! We plan on painting a few of the rooms but if I had the color in your family room I would be content :)

  2. Thanks, we painted the whole house that color and are very happy with our choice.

  3. Hi Randy and Teresa!! Your house is so beautiful! Yay for a mailbox! The stain does look uneven--yep! they need to fix that! I absolutely love the stone mountain clay with stone. Once I realized we could not get the stone mountain clay, I switched back to the Island Pearl with Black Shutters/Door and brick.

    BTW-What color is your paint? It's so pretty!! Did you add that color for the house or is it the standard for the community?

  4. Hi Nadase and Rick! Thanks so much! The color of our paint is SunDew and we had to pay extra for it. RH paints everything off white and I didn't feel that the paint would make the white trim stand out as much so we paid extra to change the color. We had the whole house done in that color and some time in the near future I plan on painting some accent walls. We should have waited and had someone to come in and paint after closing but we just wanted to move in and not have to worry about it for awhile. It feels warm and cozy. We really like the outside colors too. Why are you guys not able to get the stone mountain clay siding? Do they not offer it anymore? Do you guys live in Ohio?