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Friday, August 31, 2012

We are still Here!!!

I know it has been awhile.  Things have been moving along a little slowly since the PM got back.  I thought we were ahead but we found out that there were several snags along the way.  We are still scheduled to close on the 5th of September but things like the electric meter, gas meter and water meter had not been installed until just a couple of days ago.  I stopped by the house this morning and ran into the PM.  He advised that someone was coming in to grout the bathroom floor, hang shelves, finish plumbing work, touch up paint and the cleaners were coming in to start cleaning.  He also said our appliances were going to be delivered before noon.  My husband and I later returned to the house at the end of the day and I could not get over how much different the house looked. The PM did advise that a gas range was delivered and had to be sent back because I ordered and electric range.  We were really happy with the way the house was coming along.  I did not take picture's of anything today except for the outside of the house.  They had painted the outside trim and our front door although they still had the door open because of the wet paint.  I did not take any other pictures because there were alot of people inside the house working to get it ready for us.  I'll post more pic's as soon as I can.  Our final walk through is on Tuesday. 
Master bath, shower not finished yet, PM says shower stall will be put up prior to closing

Bath tile floor has not been grouted yet

Guest bath

Backsplash being installed

Wood flooring installed, can't wait to see it clean

Carpet installed

Pendant lighting over island

Landscaping done, still waiting for sod

Basement carpet in family room


Wish the door would have been closed so I could have a picture of the pretty color!!


  1. The house looks great...we purchased three similar pendant lights for our kitchen island

  2. Your house is looking gorgeous everyday! The tile backsplash looks great! We requested rough ins for our island too! I hope our PM will install them. Did you have to submit a special request?

    1. Hey Nadase, we did have to ask for the rough ins for the pendant lighting however for some reason the lights were sent by mistake. We did not pay for them and the PM just said since they were sent that he had them installed. Great for us! LOL