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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wow! What a difference two days make!

Ok, so we were last at the house on Wednesday, August the 8th and saw that the walls had all been taped, mudded and the ceilings were all textured.  We also saw that all of our cabinets, etc... had been delivered and were sitting in the garage waiting to be installed.  We went back today and the cabinets had been installed and the walls had their first coat of paint.  Our stair rails, doors, trim, fireplace and front porch pillar were also installed. We are so excited and can't wait to see what progress is made next week. Im glad we chose to have the house painted a different color, then the off white that is standard with RH.  It felt warm and cozy. It really made the white trim stand out!   
Love the Kitchen counters, can't wait to see them minus all the dust

veiw of kitchen from the breakfast room

Love my cabinets too!

Just waiting on the fridge :)

veiw of breakfast room from kitchen

veiw of family room from kitchen

fireplace up close

banister leading upstairs

another view of banister

banister leading downstairs

our glass panel door for basement still in garage waiting to be installed

finally got our piller installed

Now just waiting for the shutters

Ok, something else we wanted to share. While we were there at the house we weren't alone. There were two men there and they were cutting big holes in our floor! Three of them on the first floor to be exact.  One in the formal family room, one in the hall in front of the stairs and the other just to the right side of our fireplace. My husband looked at me and said what in the world are they doing?  We then went down to get a view of our finished basement and there were three big holes cut out in our already textured ceiling!  So I went back upstairs and I ask the guy who is busy putting our floor back together just what exactly was going on.  Well, he says, we had to cut holes in the floor and your downstairs ceiling to run the gas lines to your fireplace.... Im thinking "this does not seem normal" and so I ask,  Is this normally how they do it?  He says, "No, Somebody dropped the ball"  He proceeds to tell my husband and I that the lines were suppose to be ran before the drywall was installed and that someone forgot to do it! What??????? below are just a few pic's.  Its hard to believe that after building this many homes that they would fail to run gas lines prior to installing drywall.  Not really happy about this and hope once the ceiling is patched that we won't be able to tell where the holes once were.
this is where they cut a hole in front of the stairs

one of the holes cut in the basement ceiling to run the forgotten gas lines

another hole in the basement ceiling :-(


  1. House progress is looking awesome! Hopefully they'll be able to patch the ceiling so you won't even be able to tell that they had cut holes in it.

    1. I'm sure we won't be able to tell when they patch it up. It would have been nice if they didn't have to go cutting holes all over the place because someone forgot to run lines for the gas fireplace but either way, what's done is done and we are definitely pleased with the way everything looks so far. Thanks.

  2. Looks like you are just ahead of us in the race to completion! Everything looks great!

  3. Thank you! We close on September the 5th. When do you guys close?

  4. I love your cabinets! We were torn between the Espresso and white.

  5. This is the most exciting time in the build - you get to see all of your choices popping up like daisies. I love the glass panel door to the basement. I would have liked a door like that for the basement and the pantry! Ours are all solid. Not solid core, of course.