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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Four Days Till Closing!!!!

 Ok, Im back.  I said that I would post more pics of the house as soon as all the workers were out of the way.  My husband and I went back out to the house today and took picture's of the house.  There are some last minute things that still need to be done and we saw some blue tape the PM had placed in different area's of the home that still need some fixing.  We still don't have our blinds, range or shower stall but we know they will all be in by Closing!! I must say that when we pulled up to the house, we were so excited! The outside looked fantastic!  The only thing the outside needs now is our sod and we were told that it is going in the day before we close.  We loved the color of our door!  The inside, although still a bit unclean looked Great!!! The PM said the cleaners are coming back before closing to clean again. 

Awww!  We love!

Our fridge

Kitchen backsplash, minus our range

Our dishwasher, sorry so blurry, pic's taken with I-Phone

Our sink with upgraded faucet

Picture of mud room coming in from garage

Our microwave

Kitchen Pantry

Mud Room again

Our free Pendant lighting!! They sent it by mistake so our PM said he just went ahead and installed it.  We were only suppose to get the rough ins :-)

Looking into the breakfast room from the kitchen
Living Room

Living Room showing our glass panel door

We love the glass panel door going into the basement!

Formal Living Room foyer

Veiw of the stairs and glass panel door from the formal living room

Master Bedroom

Master Closet

Master Bath

Sinks in Master Bath

Shower tile in master bath, still waiting for glass shower stall
Bedroom 2

This is bedroom 4 but going to make it into the computer room, also this is a picture taken from a previous visit before the paint was touched up.

Bedroom 3

Guest bathroom

Laundry room.  Looks small but didn't take picture of the other half of the laundry area

Hallway closet
Looking downstairs from second floor
Looking down at the first floor powder room from the stairway landing
Family Room in finished basement. Did not take a picture of the other side of the finished portion today. 

 Unfinished portion of basement
Last but not least...."Home Sweet Home"


  1. Thanks for the pictures! Everything looks so lovely! It's nice seeing what the 15 light door looks like on the basement door. Plus your kitchen is so cute! Love the backsplash! Major Score on the free pendant lights! You all have done a wonderful job!

    1. Thanks Rick and Nadase! I can't wait to watch your house go up! Gotta see more picks of the dog in boots! So cute lol.

    2. You know, I ordered the boots for Harley and they are too small! I have to send them back! His paws are much bigger than I thought! He really did not like me putting them on him. It was amusing to say the least! We are expected to break ground on September 17. I am keeping my fingers crossed they do not change the date because we are still waiting for the porch approval. My SR seems to think we will be fine!!

    3. That's funny, we hope to see more pics of him boots or no boots. Lol. I'm sure you'll be fine on your loan approval. We will say a prayer asking that everything go smoothly. The 17th will be here before you guys know it!!

  2. The house looks fantastic...I'm sure you cant wait to close!

    1. Thank you! We are super excited and really can't wait but just a few more days and the wait will be over.