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Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Pictures of progess made!!!

Just wanted to update the house pictures since I have decorated a little more and hung some window treatments.  Still have a way to go and looking forward to getting curtains on the rest of the windows in our home and building our deck in the begining of spring.  So far we are very pleased with our home and can finally relax and enjoy it a little.

We love our living room.  It feel so cozy.

Finally got some wall decor and window treatments in the formal living room and our family room.

Hard to get a good pic of the powder room because its small but it serves it purpose. :-)

Looking into the kitchen and breakfast room from our family room


Guest bath

My sons bedroom.  I have not decorated it yet.  He has finally decided he would like me to put storm and nature pics in here.  I have seen some neat ones at the Hobby Lobby so I will soon be able to finish his room.  (the sun is so bright out, its hard to tell there are blinds on the windows)

Guest bedroom, coming along slowly but getting there

Laundry room

Linen closet

Master bedroom

Looking in at the master closet

Looking out from inside of the master closet

Master bath

Love to spend time here!

Looking down the steps going to our basement

Looking into our basement

Looking up the steps from our basement

Small room in basement

Closet door in basement
We painted the unfinished part of our basement.  It has a cleaner look to it.

I see a big yard sale coming! :-)

Put some wall decor up in the basement entertainment room

My oldest son bought us the popcorn maker as a house warming gift and yes it taste just like movie popcorn.

Last but not least, my beautiful mums.  I love them!!!


  1. Love your home, Randy and Teresa!!!! It is so warm, comfy and inviting! I am still amazed at the amount of work you have done in such a short time.

    GREAT JOB! BTW-love the signage throughout the house!

    1. Thanks so moch Nadase and Rick!!! I see also that your house is coming along. Will you be in by Christmas?

  2. Where did you get your theater seating? We have been researching online and can't decide what to buy. Did you get yours online or in a store?

    1. We bought it from front room furnishings in Columbus. We searched all over too but liked these one the best. They are very comfortable and made well.

  3. Curious about your tile in the owners it 9x12 on the walls and 12x12 on the floor? My wife and I picked out our colors with the flooring people today and the guy was kinda pushing the 12x12 on the walls so it would "flow". Well I asked for the 9x12 on the walls and 12x12 on the floor. We picked Fidenza cafe I think it was? FD02 is the code. Anyways, your house is beautiful!!

    1. Thanks! Yes tile on wall is smaller then floor. Sorry about not getting back sooner. Since we've been in the house I don't get on the blog as much.

    2. Thanks for the answer! A couple more if you don't mind ;) I was showing your pics to my wife and she was curious about your rug in the morning room. We love it and are currently looking for the same type with a solid color in the middle and the border of something else. Where did you get it, if you don't mind us asking. Also, the thing in your master bath shower that holds your shampoo and such. We definitely want one! Lastly, we've been debating about the size to we want hung over the fireplace. Yours fits so well!! Not too big, not too small. What size TV is it? Sorry for so many questions! :)

  4. Beautiful House, Love the pictures. We are looking into starting building our home soon here in Virginia. Your kitchen is gorgeous. Can you tell me more info about the cabinetry?

  5. Thank you! The cabinets are called maple espresso. We love them.

  6. Very nice. We're so excited to be building our Venice.